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The toughest boss in all of WoW who needs help to get out of the bath.

Kil'jaeden Strategy Guide



(Blizzard offices. Interior. Day.)
Blizz Brain 1: We're designing a fight with a naaru. An opponent made entirely of light. This is a real opportunity for ground breaking new fight mechanics and original designs concepts.
Blizz Brain 2: Big add rush, then turn him into a void walker?
Blizz Brain 1: Excellent. Time for lunch.

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Reverse Eredar Twins

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Eredar Twins Strategy Guide (Reversed)


Eredar Twins

Spend some quality time with these female bikini wearing twins and twenty four other men.*

Eredar Twins Strategy Guide



A female skeletal dragon. You can tell she's female from the broader, shorter sacrum of her pelvis with less curvature versus the longer sacrum, with a pronounced sacral curvature found in the pelvis of the male skeletal dragon.

Felmyst Strategy Guide



Help the good human dragon fight the bad demon within the good dragon being bad who you have to fight.

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Despite his name, he's a gentle little bunny once you get to know him.

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