Food buffs

Stamina buff foods are the most common type of buff food around. Once you reach the Outlands the buffs are fairly substantial and the two main ones that you will be getting are +20 Stamina/+20 Spirit and +30 Stamina/+20 Spirit.

The most common, easiest and cheapest to get is the 20/20 buff food. You can gain this from the following five foods: Buzzard Bites, Feltail Delight, Clam Bars, Talbuk Steak and Mok'Nathal Shortribs. Of these foods the easiest to get are the Feltail Delight and Talbuk Steak.

If you are a fisherman, then spotted feltail can be fished for very easily and is ussually sold off to the vendor anyway. Save it and turn it into Feltail Delight. If you never spent the time leveling fishing, all you need to do is visit Nagrand and hunt the vast number of Talbuk. In no time at all you will have several stacks of meat that can be cooked into steaks.

The better stamina food buf is the +30 stamina variety, which can currently be gained from either Spicy Crawdads or Fisherman's Feast. Both are difficult to get though as they require you to have maxed out fishing and spend a significant time fishing for either furious crawdads or huge spotted feltail.

Food Buff Where to Get Recipie Ingredients
Buzzard Bites +20 Stam / +20 Spirit Quest (Smooth as Butter - Hellfire Penninsula)
  • Buzzard Meat
Feltail Delight +20 Stam / +20 Spirit Vendor (Zangarmarsh - Faction town)
  • Spotted Feltail
Clam Bar +20 Stam / +20 Spirit Reputaion Vendor (Zangarmarsh - Sporeggar)
  • 2x Jaggal Clam Meat
  • Soothing Spices
Talbuk Steak +20 Stam / +20 Spirit Vendor (Nagrand - Faction town)
  • Talbuk Venison
Mok'Nathal Shortribs +20 Stam / +20 Spirit Vendor (Blade's Edge Mountains - Faction town)
  • Raptor Ribs
Spicy Crawdads +30 Stam / +20 Spirit Vendor (Terokkar Forest - Faction town)
  • Furious Crawdad
Fisherman's Feast +30 Stam / +20 Spirit Vendor (Shattrath - Lower City Inn)
  • Huge Spotted Feltail

Melee / Ranged Foods

If you are a non-caster DPS player then these are the foods you will be looking for. There is a variety of buffs that can be gained, everything from strength, hit bonuses and more.

Food Buff Where to Get Recipie Ingredients
Roasted Clefthoof +20 Str / +20 Spirit Vendor (Nagrand - Faction town)
  • Clefthoof Meat
Grilled Mudfish +20 Agility / +20 Spirit Vendor (Nagrand - Faction town)
  • Figluster's Mudfish
Warp Burger +20 Agility / +20 Spirit Vendor (Terokkar Forest - Faction town)
  • Warped Flesh
Ravager Dog +40 AP / +20 Spirit Vendor (Hellfire Penninsula - Faction town)
  • Ravager Flesh
Spicy Hot Talbuk +20 Hit Rating / +20 Spirit Quest (Daily Cooking Quest - Shattrath)
  • Talbuk Venison
  • Hot Spices

Caster Foods

For players that control a casting character you are probably very familiar with many of these foods. The best caster foods offer +damage, +healing, spell crit, +mana per 5 seconds, intellect and spirit.

Food Buff Where to Get Recipie Ingredients
Blackened Basilisk +23 Spell Damage / +20 Spirit Vendor (Terokkar Forest - Faction town)
  • Chunk o'Basilisk
Poached Bluefish +23 Spell Damage / +20 Spirit Vendor (Nagrand - Faction town)
  • Icefin Bluefish
Crunchy Serpent +23 Spell Damage / +20 Spirit Quest (Mok'Nathal Treats - Blade's Edge Mountains)
  • Serpent Flesh
Golden Fishsticks +44 Healing / +20 Spirit Vendor (Terokkar Forest - Faction town)
  • Golden Darter
Blackened Sporefish + 8 Mana per 5 seconds / +20 Spirit Vendor (Zangarmarsh - Cenarion Refuge)
  • Zangarian Sporefish
Skullfish Soup +20 Spell Crit / +20 Spirit Quest (Daily Cooking Quest - Shattrath)
  • Crescent-Tail Skullfish

Pet Foods

These are relatively new to the game, but offer some nice bonuses for your hunter's pet. At first they may confuse you though as while they are pet foods, you do not feed it to your pet, instead you eat it and it passes the bonus to your pet. Don't sit there like most hunters wondering why you keep getting the message that your pet does not like this kind of food.

Food Buff Where to Get Recipie Ingredients
Sporeling Snack +20 Stamina / +20 Spirit to Pet Reputaion Vendor (Zangarmarsh - Sporeggar)
  • Strange Spore
Kibler's Bits +20 Strength / +20 Spirit to Pet Quest (Daily Cooking Quest - Shattrath)
  • Buzzard Meat

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